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Certain forms also specify the tone or tone marks of syllables; others have requirements of syllable heaviness.

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There is a mix pattern for the tone marks đồ sộ be used at various points in the stanza, plus rhyme schemes đồ sộ hold the unit together.

The preface evaluates ref. 1 above as terse, but good, while ref. 2 has missing and erroneous tone marks.

The new tone marks a departure from his comments in 2013 that a shortened term was part of his motivation for accepting the governorship.

The drawback is that there are no tone marks for the letter "v".

The documents have all the right official seals, watermarks and signatures, but they're kém chất lượng.

Tell became, as it were, the mascot of the short-lived republic, his figure being featured on its official seal.

As part of his official duties, he designed the territory's first official seal.

There were also jar handles that bear an official seal impression indicating ownership.

The masters of theology often mix the example for the other facultiese.g., they were the first đồ sộ adopt an official seal.

It has neither the easy flamboyance of the ampersand nor the colon's ability đồ sộ surprise.

Ampersand has also built an optimised mobile trang web, with the aim đồ sộ ensure a consistent experience regardless of device used.

It is commonly known by the acronym (the ampersand is used and retained in the acronym for clarity).

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The ampersand will show you the way.

With the ampersand, however, he allowed himself đồ sộ head off from type đồ sộ art.

The acute accent occurs mainly in loanwords lượt thích "caf", but can also be used for emphasis or đồ sộ differentiate between two forms.

Stress is generally indicated with an acute accent:, etc.

When tone is represented, acute accent over the vowel is typically used đồ sộ indicate high tone.

In particular, the acute accent, when depicted as a graph, has a curve with pitch similar đồ sộ the circumflex, but more sudden.

The acute accent can also indicate a different sound (more open, lượt thích in case of "a/", "e/").

The apostrophe is an easier way đồ sộ write the glottal stop, since it is available on all computer keyboards.

The glottal stop is written as either an apostrophe or as a superscript question mark.

The apostrophe was used in the name until 1940.

The company does not use an apostrophe in its name, although others sometimes mistakenly bởi ví.

The apostrophe indicates that the consonant preceding a soft vowel is not palatalized, when it otherwise would be.

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