bạn thân tiếng anh là gì

A dear friend pulled bu aside, phối bu on the straight and narrow.

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He is a dear friend and has been my colleague.

Bob was a dear friend and a deeply committed public servant.

He was a lovely person and dear friend.

A neighbour, who was present when the woman was discovered, described her as a dear friend.

Some family members, outraged by the terror their loved one had faced, chanted along.

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For the family the pain of losing a loved one to lớn addiction is unimaginable.

It was used by people wanting to lớn keep a memento to lớn a loved one before the invention of photography.

The first person lost a loved one at the hands of an inmate who escaped during a jailbreak.

Reminiscence has also been used to lớn help people giảm giá with the death of a loved one.

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